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As a practice, we design buildings for both private, business communities and public developers Nevertheless our service begins long before we draw the first line.

A building is not just an empty shell, waiting to be filled with content. A building is a dynamic being, which sets the framework for human development and creates either opportunities or limitations every day. Therefore we see the construction and daily life that must unfold into an entity. The keyword for our advisement is empathy.  You will find that we thoroughly study your wishes and needs. We may interview both the client and potential selected users and we may also perform observations of workflows in a workplace or of the pattern of a

family’s daily life. We do this to find the right solution that creates the greatest value and quality of life for you.

We provide quality both in service and construction. Quality is among other things; solutions to building technical issues concerning indoor climate, light and air, acoustics, materials and energy consumption. Quality is furthermore about spacious beauty and look gaze for the small details, such as how the light flows in through a window. Just as quality, is the sense of the big lines, which when the business building supports the client’s internal workflows and functions with optimal logistics.

Greater value in your construction

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What they do, works

When we still choose Johannsen Architects after 20 years, it is because what they do, works and the whole process is good. Johannsen Architects are a reliable partner for us, which ensures us that everything is done by time. They perform on prominent project management.

Mette Ravn, adm. dir.

They have been enthusiastic about helping us to implement our vision

Johannsen Architects have very precisely afflicted their intentions we may have had and they have been enthusiastic for helping us with realising our vision. That they got the highest building rating does not surprise me at all

Bo Kristiansen