Experience and innovation under the same roof

Johannsen Architects participates in the construction of buildings for a wide range of industrial, private and public purposes: production facilities, warehousing and logistics terminals, administration, interior design, housing, clinics, care and older housing, sports and religious buildings.

We design and advise on all aspects of new construction, re-constructions, renovation, and maintenance and construction site management. Our advice ensures you an optimal process throughout the process, and we gladly assume the overall management of the construction.

Build on trust

We have built on trust in ages and will do it henceforth

We make it easier to be a developer

An industrial building must form the framework for future work processes, smooth logistics and a working environment where employees can provide, thrive and want to stay. The same applies in principle to other categories. When we go into a task, we therefore thoroughly study your needs and work patterns. We create a building that not only looks good, but which and then supports your expectations.

We have 45 years of local knowledge in the triangle area as we call it in Danish. (Vejle, Fredericia, Kolding) and the central Jutland and therefor we have a good knowledge of current planning and regulations as well as political and administration conditions. We work with projects throughout whole of Denmark.

Therefor, we can help with a smoother authority process, and we help with the complexity of the legal basis, protection provisions etc. We have a solid experience to draw on.

While the actual construction is on, we are the daily connection between the client and the developer. In all construction processes, unresolved details and questions will continuously appear. We ensure a quick clarification so that the construction process can proceed without expensive interruptions.