Sports Fisher community Vingsted

Competition proposal

From the arrival side, the house appears as a transparent and undulating sculpture – a metaphor on water. The building is located furthest to the east, in what is started in the local plan as building field 1, thereby ensuring the most possible view of the river and woodland north of the meadow, as well as the least possible shade during the daytime on the living area next to the building.

The living area is established with tables and benches, which can be used both by staff and guests as well as by pedestrians who arrives at the Vingsted area through the Bindeballe path. The house has a high degree of transparency and will be flooded over an east-west axis. Inside, the office areas are bounded out towards the foyer/common area of Deko glass walls and there is therefor a high visual correlation between the building’s individual sections.

The large, cohesive common area, in addition to serving as a corridor and distribution hall, has also have the character of a large space for communication. Plans, and the like can therefor be suspended between the columns. The common area will also function as a flex area, which can be occupied by various functions in peak load functions. Thus, the canteen and café area can be expanded/restricted as needed. Exhibitions, lectures etc. will also be able to occupy more or less space as needed.